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Adult and Youth Volunteer Opportunities

Union Station Homeless Services  click here
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Huntington Hospital Adult and High School Volunteer to Apply  click here
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LAC+USC Medical Center  click here
PazNaz Helping Hands Distribution Team click here
* Foothills Kitchen *
Looking for up to 4 teenager volunteers to help serve
in CLEANUP effo
rts after feeding the homeless EVERY SATURDAY
  • Reporting time for volunteers 1:30pm-2:30pm
  • 140 E Palm, Monrovia  91016
  • The church is across the street from the Monrovia Post Office. Please enter the basement through the (west) ‘alley’ doors. On site person: Janie Duncan | (626) 201-3277 cell phone

RSVP directly with Janie (626) 201-3277 AT LEAST 48 hours in advance to ensure timely notice to Foothill Kitchen. MUSICIANS also wanted!  call Carol (626) 506-5252 if you wish to perform music during luncheon, serving the homeless.

*Foothill Unity Center*
This organization gives great volunteer opportunities to youth in serving th8/2/e community and meeting needs of seniors, families, and homeless people. Contact Raina at directly if interested.

*Volunteer Center of San Gabriel Valley*
This is a most comprehensive hub for various volunteer opportunities for all that are interested, from young to old.  Please call Macy at 626-256-8187, or email for details.

*Other Volunteer Opportunities*
Check out
Find out which one(s) fit your volunteer goals. 
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