Why East-Meets-West 


When most immigrants arrived in the US, they had dreams for freedom of
speech, better quality life and excellent education for their children. Joining the
mainstream and enjoying a happy and relaxed lifestyle were not the priority.
However, the longer we live here the more we will realize that we need to
assimilate to American society and balance the two worlds-Asian and American
cultures. This is NOT as straightforward as many people think… That is why East
Meets West Parent Education Club (EMWPEC) is dedicated to encouraging
everyone to experience and learn East Meets West - stretching out our comfort
zone and reaching out to the non-Asian communities.

With my living experience in Tokyo, Japan is one of the best countries and
pioneer on East Meets West. Regardless WWII and the history background,
when Japan was opened to and accepted Western culture and values, the entire
country transformed... and all Japanese-made products became top of the world and more to come!! But, most people here don’t really know how hard Japanese work and how eager they are for creativity and innovation.

Another extremely successful story of East Meets West is the Taiwanese
restaurant, called Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐. How come American people like Din Tai
Fung so much more than millions of other Chinese restaurants? It is just simply because Din Tai Fung is doing an incredible job on western style business

Instead of worrying about Asian-American identity for our next generation, let us all focus on what we can contribute to the society. We all need to make a priority to join local community service projects. EMWPEC provides a variety of
community volunteer opportunities and student leadership programs. These
activities and involvement are highly appreciated by our local residents. When in
Rome do as the Romans do, that we call 入鄉隨俗。
Doing East Meets West is not an easy thing. But it will give you a bright future if
you work hard. Be brave, proactive, creative and think positive. We never stop
learning but are grateful for all we have.

                                                                                                            Annie Brassard


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